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Stanton Lanier's musical journey led him to complete his Berklee School of Music Professional Certificate in Composing and Orchestrating for Film and TV in 2019, both to grow as a composer, and as a result of fans around the world saying "your music should be in movies." He was classically trained on the piano from age six, began composing by ear at age fourteen, and has been a full-time composer since 2004, with over 150 songs released through fourteen albums and many singles.


With concert performances in twenty-seven U.S. states and six countries, and his music being licensed globally, Stanton is excited about growing his career through

composing and orchestrating for feature films, short films, documentaries, television, and visual media. He and his wife are also founders of the non-profit Music to Light the World, which donated 75,000 CDs to cancer patients and others needing hope and healing before streaming technology took over. Stanton's music touches five million lives annually across 140 countries through Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, YouTube, Sirius-XM Spa, Music Choice Soundscapes and more. 

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